ÖGA's story

The Start

In the beginning was a forest. A man passionate about wood decided to start making frames when he wasn't busy in the forest. Here, in a few words, is the story of an exceptional frame: ÖGA


Respected and cared for, the Jura forest is an integral part of the landscape and the lives of the region's people.


Plant material produced from carefully managed sources, it is tamed by master craftsmen to bring out its very best.


Dexterity and sensitivity were required to invent and bring the frames into existence. ÖGA is simple and streamlined in the tradition of Scandinavian design.


People have the capacity to transform material into rare objects. Their know-how is a source of genuine cultural heritage.


Forged from the hardest steel, their amazing shapes allow the intricate working of materials.


Invented to assist and expedite, machines also add to the strength and accuracy.


The final stage in which the creators give the product its soul.